Texan Defender strives to offer as many options for our students as possible and is constantly updating our options. Please check this section often for new information.

CHL/LTC Classes
In the state of Texas you are required to pass a 4-6 hour CHL/LTC class prior to applying for your license. At Texan Defender we strive to make this experience informative, fun and relaxing. We offer a wide array of class options for our CHL/LTC Course. In our attempts to make our students learning experience as enriching as possible we offer weekend classes, private classes, couples classes, family classes, corporate and small business classes and more. If you have a special request email us and we will do what we can to meet your needs. Please note that if you have never shot a gun before we strongly suggest taking our beginners pistol class prior to your CHL/LTC since you will be required to pass the range portion of the class.

Beginner's Pistol Classes
 This class is designed for beginning shooters who wish to sharpen their skills and practice on a private shooting range with a skilled instructor. If you have been waiting to take the CHL/LTC class because you are unsure of your pistol shooting skills this is the class for you. It is strongly suggested to take this class before your CHL/LTC class if you have never shot a gun before. This class is also perfect if you simply wish to learn more about firearm safety and properly using your handgun. Learn how to properly handle a handgun, firearm safety and get the experience and confidence you need through range time and detailed instruction. This is a two hour class on basic shooting safety with 50 rounds worth of range time. For class schedule please go to "book it". Please email us with any questions. 

SciFi Shootout and Themed Events

We love to invite our friends back for new and fun events on our range. Currently we are hosting SciFi Shootout Events and other themed events monthly. Please check under "book it" regularly for fun outings.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Family Reunions, Team Building Outings, Birthday Parties and more are offered at Texan Defender. Do you have a special event you'd like to celebrate on our range with us? Call Dan today or email Danielle at danielle@texandefender.com We'd love to make your event memorable. 

​These classes are held monthly. Please see our schedule for details. For commonly asked questions please view our Q&A's page.
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