Q & A's


At Texan Defender you matter to us and we want to help you where we can. That is why we are proud to host your upcoming fundraiser for you.  Fundraisers with Texan Defender make much more money than your average bake sale, car wash or candy bar sale and lets face it they are a lot more fun and easier for you to arrange! They are also a great add on sale to your already active fundraiser! 

Plus it is as easy as this, 

1) Help us create a flyer telling the world what you are fundraising for
2) Add Texan Defender's information and website.
3) Add two tear off coupons at the bottom of the flyer. One will say "$10 off of your  LTC Class and $10 goes to our organization!"  and the other will say "$5 off of your Beginners Pistol Class or Scifi Event and $5 goes to our organization"  We will also give you an online promotional code to add to both since they must sign up for class online prior to arrival.  (One coupon or deal per a class, per person. Vouchers are not redeemable with this deal)

Easy as that!   Plus there is no limit on how many times a customer can attend. If a person wants to come to 10  shoots and has ten flyers that is perfectly acceptable. All that you have to do is create a simple flyer, have Danielle at Danielle@texandefender.com approve it prior to sending it to others, wait for approval and then, print them, start handing them out to everyone you know, start sharing your flyer on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and collect your money! It really is the easiest fundraiser ever!  Are you ready to start yours today? Email Danielle at Danielle@texandefender.com and we could have you going as early as tomorrow!