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At Texan Defender we offer private classes, something that no one else in the area offers! We understand that some people feel uncomfortable in a larger class setting or might be employed hours that do not work with the LTC weekly schedule.You might also desire to host a LTC group class in a community forum style setting with a larger group of people. It is important to us that everyone who wants to obtain their LTC have the opportunity to do so.  Private classes are set up on an individual basis. Please email danielle@texandefender.com to set up your class today.


LTC for 1- $199
LTC for 2- $169 each 
LTC for 4 or more $149 each
Email danielle@texandefender.com for large group pricing

We can host private LTC classes for groups up to 25 at our location. Large classes are popular for churches, neighborhoods,  realtor groups, companies, meet up groups and more. Please email danielle@texandefender.com for help setting up a large event.  For any LTC class over 25 we will need to use your location for the classroom and invite small groups out one at a time for the range portion of the test. 

We also host Private Beginners Pistol Classes

Class for 1- $129
Class for 2-$199
Class for 4-$379
Class for 6 or more-$79 per a person

Beginners Pistol Classes are a great class to take in a private setting or with a group of family members or friends.  These classes are popular for people who have always wanted to learn to shoot but for whatever reason are nervous to do so.  For families of parents with teens (one paying parent per a minor must be present and willing to sign a waiver) and more.  People with limited schedules can also greatly benefit from the flexibility of private classes. 

All private parties and classes are held Sunday-Friday.  Please note all classes must end before dusk. Start times of 9am for LTC classes and 4pm for Beginners Pistol classes are only a suggestion on private classes. We are always open for discussion on start times. 

Prices do not include rentals and ammo. If you wish to use one of our rentals with included ammo and ear and eye protection rental please add an additional fee of $40 per a person per a class.

​A 25% deposit to hold the date will be required at the time of booking. We will reschedule any class that is cancelled due to weather.  25% deposit nonrefundable 30 days prior to event with the exception of weather delays or verifiable severe health events.

Please see the Parties tab to see a list of all of the party,reunion and retreat options that we have for archery, shooting range, and scifi range events. 
Private Classes