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Q: I bought a Groupon (or similar) voucher but now want to take a private class what do I do?

A:  If you are still in the time where you can return your voucher to the company you bought from please do so.  If they will not allow you to return your voucher we will allow you to pay the difference between the voucher and private class price if you bring at least 2 guests with you at full price without vouchers being used on their portion. Please make us aware of this when booking your private class by emailing danielle@texandefender.com

​Q: Do you offer a discount for veterans, military and current police officers or firefighters? 

A: Yes. We appreciate your service. With proof of service shown in class you can enjoy 25% off with promotional code thanksforserving.Not valid for private classes.

Q: I am a veteran, military or current police officer or firefighter and would like to take a private class. Do you have any special offers for me?

A; Yes. If you are interested in a private class with your family and friends we will do this with a minimum of 4 people all at the discount price of 25% off of the private class prices for your entire party. You can do this on any day but Saturday. This is a special thank you for vets, military and service workers. Thank you for your service.

Q: I bought a voucher from a deal site and it is expired or about to expire and you do not have any openings. What do I do?

A: We will honor the voucher for 1 year after the expiration date with a $30 expiration fee per a person on the voucher used. If the expiration date is past 1 year  you will be expected to pay the difference (our price minus what you paid for your voucher). Payment will be due before class. Please email us at danielle@texandefender.com in this case and we will send you a code to pay the difference online.  Please note that you should plan on scheduling your class at least six weeks before the expiration date to ensure you are able to get into class. Unfortunately many people do wait until near expiration to redeem and classes will fill quickly around this time. 

Q: Do you have private LTC Classes?

A: Yes. Please see our private classes and parties tabs for details and email danielle@texandefender.com to schedule your event today.

Q: How soon in advance do I need to schedule my class?

A:You will need to schedule at least 48 hours in advance unless you speak directly to one of Texan Defender's staff and are given permission to schedule without our 48 hour advance notice policy. 

Q: If I pay in full before the class do I still have to pay the $25 nonrefundable deposit? 

A: No. If you pay in full on our website, in person or by an online voucher through companies like Groupon before class you do not have to pay an additional $25 deposit.

Q: What is your bad weather policy?

A: At Texan Defender we strive to make the classroom experience as enjoyable as possible. With that being said there are things that are sometimes outside of our control, such as weather. We feel that an outdoor range gives you the most realistic training. On occasion weather will make it so that we will need to reschedule the proficiency portion of our class. This is handled accordingly on a case by case basis. Please call (512) 508-1029 or email danhullum@texandefender.com if you are concerned about the weather for your class date. An email will be sent out the night before if a class will be cancelled. 

Q: Should I bring anything to class with me?

A: All you will need to bring to class with you is the gun you intend to qualify with and 50 rounds of factory grade ammo. If you are paying with a voucher or gift certificate you will need to bring a copy with the bar code visible to class with you. You will also need to bring your drivers license. We  have loaner guns and ammo available for use for a small fee if you need to use them. Please wear close toed shoes to the shooting range and a cap of some kind is a good idea as well. We suggest wearing sunscreen on hot days. Bringing water and fluids with you to the range is also a good idea on hot days.

Q: What types of classes do you offer?

A: We offer a wide array of classes including but not limited to LTC group classes, LTC Couples classes, Ladies only classes, Corporate classes, Family classes, Private classes and more. We also offer Basic Pistol and Beginner Pistol classes. Please inquire for pricing since pricing depends on your specific needs. 

Q: What time are your  classes?

A: Refer to our calendar under "book it" for class times and availability.

Q: None of the times or dates work with my schedule. Do you have any other options?

A: At Texan Defender we are structured around helping our customers. If you have any special requests please contact us and we will do our best to help you. Due to extremely high demand our dates will be limited but please email us and we will work with you if we are able. If you select a special date/time it will be considered a private class and private class rates will apply.

Q: Does it matter what type of gun that I qualify with?

A: You have to qualify on the gun range with a 32 caliber or above and a semi-automatic or revolver to be able to carry one in the state of Texas.   50 rounds of ammo will be needed for all of our classes/events but we do suggest bringing more.

Q: Do you offer renewal courses?

A:  As of Sept 1, 2013 renewal classes are no longer required per state law. You may apply for your license with the state online.

Q:I have a Class A misdemeanor on my criminal record will I qualify for a LTC license?

A: It is recommended that you check with the Department of Public Safety as to your status to see if you are eligible. 

Q: Do you have your own shooting range? 

A: We own our own outdoor private shooting range. This is one of the perks of our class since it allows us to spend more time on the range without the pressure of time restraints. Our range has been recently renovated and is covered with a seating area. Range fees are included in the price of your class. Please note that our range is approximately a 5 minute drive from our classroom. You will be driving on ranch land to arrive at the destination. 

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash or check on the day of class or you can pay at least 48 hours in advance on our website through Paypal using your credit or debit card. To do this click the "payments" tab on the left hand side of the page. Occasionally we will offer online promotional vouchers/coupons which we will also redeem in class. 

Q: What if someone wants to take your class but doesn't own a gun?

A:  That is perfectly fine. You are not required to own your own gun to take the class. We do have loaner guns available for use to qualify on the range for $40. $40 includes your gun rental plus 50 rounds of ammo and eye and ear protection rental. Each additional box of ammo will cost $20. Rentals must be paid for prior to use on the range.  You may pay ahead of time under our "payment" section to reserve a loaner weapon. 

Q: I have never shot a gun before. Can I still take the LTC class?

A: Yes. To complete the course you do need to qualify using your handgun on the range. We strongly suggest that new shooters take our beginners pistol class before taking the LTC class. It is a two hour class that goes over the basics. We will work with you on the range as well and help you gain confidence in your skills that will help you pass the range portion of your LTC class and teach you life long skills.

Q: I have bought a LTC class from you on a daily deals website. It says for new customers only. Can I still buy this if I took the beginners pistol class from you in the past?

A:  Groupon will not allow you to but we will gladly honor the Groupon/deal site price for you. Just make sure to let us know! 

Q:Do you offer a price match with local companies?

A: If you feel as though you have found a better deal please call us first. We will be happy to explain why our price is competitive and possibly work with you. We value you and your business. Many companies will advertise very low prices just to get you in the door that are not as they seem. With Texan Defender we advertise what you will really be getting. There are no range fees, long driving distances, over crowded classes or other extras that are hidden in our price. All add ons are clearly stated on our website and truly optional.

Q: I saw a one hour online LTC class how is that different from your class?

A: Simply put these classes are illegal. If you see them they should be reported promptly. You must pass a 4-6 hour LTC course by a certified instructor with range time testing to get a legal LTC license.

Q: I am wanting to book a class for a date not on your schedule. Can I still book a class?

A: Unfortunately if a class is filled it is unlikely we will be able to add you to it. You may email us and request to be added to our waiting list. We also have the option of booking a private class which has many advantages to it.

Q: What is the best way to contact you?
A:  Email is the best way to contact us. Due to our desire to give you the best quality class and high demand for phone calls we do not answer calls during class hours. Emails are returned promptly and often. Please leave a message and we will call you back promptly outside of class hours.

Q: Do you ever offer Beginner Pistol Classes on the weekends?
A: Unfortunately we do not host public Beginners Pistol Classes on the weekends. If you are interested in a weekend Beginners Pistol Class please refer to our private classes page and email danielle@texandefender.com for more information.

Q: What other fees will there be after class?
A: The states fee for applying for you license has now dropped from $140 to only $40 starting Sept 2017. It may be lower if you are military or have been honorably discharged. You will also need fingerprinting and a passport photo taken which are $10 each. Dan will instruct you in class on where to go and what needs to be done. He is here to support you after class if you need assistance as well. Please refer to this pricing sheet for more information. http://dps.texas.gov/RSD/CHL/documents/CHLFeeSchedule.pdf

Q: Do I need to do anything before class?
A: No, you will do your criminal background check, fingerprinting, passport photo and apply with the state after class completion. 

Q: If I am 20 now but will be 21 soon can I take the class?
A: You have 6 months past the date of class completion to file with the state. If you will turn 21 in that time period you may take the class. 

Q: I saw a deal for your class on an online daily deals website and have missed the deal. Will you still honor the price?
A: Please email danielle@texandefender.com and ask. We will do our best to honor your request. 

Q: How quickly do your classes fill? How many people are in a full class?
A: Our classes have been filling rather quickly. We suggest you schedule as far in advance as possible especially if you have a large group attending. Our classes will vary. Ltc is full at 22. Please note near the expiration date of vouchers from deal sites classes do fill very early. Please plan on scheduling at least six weeks before your voucher expiration. Our beginners pistol classes we try to keep at 8. It will also vary. 

Q: I saw an online deal for less than your classes. Will you match their offer?
A: Email us the ad and we will do our best to earn your business. Most likely the answer will be yes.

Q: My voucher is expired. Will you still honor it?
A: For the first year after expiration there is a $30 expiration fee. After one year you will need to pay the difference between the price of the voucher and our full price. 

Q: Can you help me select a gun that will be right for me?
A: We are happy to help you find the right weapon tailored to your needs. All you need to do is ask.

Q: Do you offer a company, school or church discount? 

A: We are happy to offer your business or church or school a special private class with special pricing for groups of 10 or more on Week days or Sundays.  Please email danielle@texandefender.com to discuss options on setting up a private class. This offer is valid for team building events, parties, LTC, Beginners Pistol, combination or all. 

Q: Can Dan Hullum come and speak to our church, neighborhood watch group, company,realty group etc ?  

A: Absolutely.  Dan is available to set up appointments to speak to your large group. We can format the discussion around what you wish.  Common subject matter is home defense, new law understanding and information, child gun safety and safe proofing your home and more.  For a fee Dan will visit your location or your group can come to us. Pricing depends on the class subject matter, length and amount of people in your group. Please email danielle@texandefender.com for requests. 

Q: Will you donate a class to our silent auction or raffle?

A: We love to help our community as much as we can. We get hundreds of requests a year and cannot unfortunately answer yes to every single one but we will as many as possible!  Please ask us! We want to help where we can. Please send all requests to danielle@texandefender.com letting us know who we would be supporting, approximately how many people will attend your event and where it is held and if you can send us tax paperwork after or not. (This will not determine our answer). Also please let us know which class or event you are requesting us to donate and an address to mail it to.  Thank you!  

Do you still have a question for us? Contact us now and we will answer you shortly! 
You may also search the Q&A page for TXDPS for more information on what happens after you finish your class.www.txdps.state.us/administration/crime_records/chl/chlfaqs.htm