Q & A's

Texan Defender strives to make your LTC Class as enjoyable as possible. Why choose Texan Defender for your LTC needs?

1) Clean, relaxed learning environment.

2) Private shooting range with relaxed and patient instruction. Enjoy the scenic outdoor range as you master your skills needed to complete the course.

3) Enjoy a covered range with ample seating at picnic tables. 

4) We have an air conditioned/heated, comfortable classroom environment where the instructor takes the time to answer any and all questions.

5) Texan Defender offers a wide variety of specialized classes designed to encourage you to feel comfortable and relaxed in a fun environment. 

6) We work with your scheduling needs and are the only company in the area to offer private classes! 

7) Our company offers loaner guns with included ammo and eye and ear protection rental for a minimal fee. We take the time to help you select the best gun for your needs as well.

8) We have no hidden charges. All extras for offer are clearly mentioned before you buy. We would never add anything to your tab without your knowledge. 

9) Sodas and snacks are provided for a small fee at the class in case you need them. We do take a lunch break during the duration of the course as well. Enjoy the wonderful restaurants and beautiful parks that Downtown Georgetown has to offer during your break. 

10) We accept online credit card payments.

11) For your gift giving needs we offer gift certificates. Give the gift of self protection for your loved ones. We take care of everything for you! We will even mail the gift certificates to your loved ones if you order online.

12)  We offer year around classes! 

13) We have the best classes in the area at the best price price! 

14) Customer satisfaction is of great importance to us at Texan Defender. If you see a better offer for the same service elsewhere, email us! We want to make you happy! 

15) Our classroom and range are close by. A lot of classes will have you drive over 30 minutes to get to the range and then make you pay a range fee and rush you through it! Our range is less than five minutes South of our classroom, your range fee is included in your class price and we own our range so we take our time to make sure you qualify with ease! 

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