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Combat Training on the Range
Wednesday and Thursdays for 2 hours
Cost: $40 per session

Some of you may remember in class that I encouraged all of you to improve your shooting skills by practicing in a more realistic scenario. Texan Defender is now offering two nights a week to do just that. We will have a course set up that you will have to navigate using movement shooting from cover, combat reloads and more all in a timed environment so we can all compete while improving our shooting skills.  We will be limited to ten guests per night so there will be plenty of time for training. Records will be kept and top score will receive free range time if they are the monthly winner. Sign up on www.texandefender.com under the book it tab or call Dan at (512) 508-1029,  Our military range officer veteran RAO and Dan will be on hand to assist with training. 
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